About Temple

About Main Temple

The temple faces to the east and there is a compound wall surrounding the temple built out of bricks. Just like the pond and the temple, this wall is also incomplete. The signs of the foundation for building a big Gopuram provide evidence on the main entrance gate of the temple.

After the main entrance, there is a Dhvaja Sthambham, Mukha Mandapam is present in front of it and to the east of this, a Garuda Mandapam is also seen. Garuda Mandapam hosts a beautiful idol of Garuda joining his hands with obedience and is seen facing the Lord’s idol.

One more “Prakaram” (corridor) is located around 10 feet inside to the main prakaram. This is not even built to a height of 3 feet. In between these two Prakarams, in the east direction, “Potu” (Kitchen) is located with the idol of “Annapoorna” (Vakula Mata) in it.


The main temple has two mandapams (halls on it's either side). In front of them, the south hall possesses Goddess Padmavati Devi’s idol in it, and the north hall holds Andal’s idol. It is very rare to have goddess’ idols outside of the main temple. This is the speciality of this temple.


Main Sanctum - Lord's lower hands portray “Abhaya Mudra” and “Varada Mudra”

At the centre of the temple, we can see Garbha Griha (The Main Sanctum), Antharala (The Path into the Sanctum), and a spacious Mukha Mandapam. At the centre of Garbhalayam, Lord of Prasanna Venkateswara is spectated by the pilgrims.

This chief idol receives all the Pujas and the offerings. The Lord here is four armed. The upper two arms hold Shanka and Chakra while the lower hands portray “Abhaya Mudra” and “Varada Mudra”. The priests here says that this idol doesn’t have Naagaabharanas (serpent-shaped jewellery).

The salient feature of this temple is that chief idol with 'Abhaya Mudra' is seen only in this place and such idol is not found elsewhere in and around either Tirupati and Tirumala.

On the right side of the bosom, a triangular mark is visible and it can imply that the lord holds the form of divine “Shakthi”. Near to the main idol, Procession idols, and Sudarshana Alwar idols are placed.

There is a square shaped “Dravida Viman” and above that, there is a “Kalash” located symmetrically above the Garbhalayam. There are eight shelves on the four sides of the “Viman”. During the Festivals and Utsavams, these shelves host oil lamps. They are much of use in the month of “Karthika” (Krithigai).

Lamp Stands by king of Karveti Nagar

Before the central temple, there is a narrow “Antharala” with undecorated walls. The Mukha mandapam prior to this antharala is square shaped and built with 16 pillars. All these pillars and the walls don't have any kind of sculptures made on them.

At the centre of the mandapam, we have a charpoy, Nine Vaishnava alwars sculptures are placed on the north side of Mukha Mandapam. The 4 feet high metal lamp stands in the Mandapam, were gifted by Sri Raja Venkata Perumal, the then King of Karveti Nagara to the “Amrutha Sarovara Nagara Swami” and the same is etched on the lamp stands.

The Garbhaalaya and the Antharala are built on the same “adhishtanam” (platform).