Tirupati Balaji Mobile App

Tirupati Balaji Plan & Book Packages


TouristExchange brings Tirupati Balaji Darshan Yatra, a free travel mobile app, that enables a user to plan and book Tirupati Balaji Darshan Yatra with the help of local experts.

The mobile app provides a user-friendly interface to know more about Tirupati Balaji and other famous South India Temples, explore trip ideas crafted by local Tirupati Balaji experts, inbuilt chat feature to talk to Tirupati Balaji & South India temples experts and query-based interface to work directly with service providers / tour operators to plan & book Tirupati Balaji Yatra.

The mobile app has secure payment feature.

Planning Tirupati Balaji Yatra

  1. Connect with local Tirupati Balaji experts to plan your Tirupati Balaji Yatra.
  2. Our experts will work with trusted service providers from Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad/Tirupati/Delhi depending on your travel needs
  3. You get best competitive quotes from our partner tour operators
  4. Pay securely to confirm your booking

Main Features of Tirupati Balaji Yatra App

  • “Tirupati" tab – Most important things you need to know as you plan your Tirupati Balaji Darshan
  • “Bookings” tab – Trip ideas from Chennai/Bangalore/Tirupati/Hyderabad/Delhi crafted by our local Tirupati Balaji & South India temples experts. Work with our local experts to customize these trip ideas to craft a perfect Tirupati Balaji Yatra for yourself & your loved ones
  • “Places” tab – Our local experts have listed all major places and temples which one should know as they plan their Tirupati Balaji Yatra
  • “Experts” tab – Chat with our Tirupati Balaji Experts – they are local, they love to travel, they love people and they love to help. A sure shot gateway to your blissful Tirupati Balaji Yatra
  • “Yatra Guide” – Know more before you go. A great source of key queries & concerns pilgrims have as they plan their Tirupati Balaji Yatra. All kept in one place to make you free from hassles!

Typically, what services are included in tour packages?

  • Depending on how your Yatra plan is planned, you will be getting services as confirmed by our local tour partners and mentioned in the booking voucher
  • Typically tour packages include transport & stay from your Yatra starting point to Yatra endpoint and should be mentioned in the booking voucher
  • Our local partners make all effort to ensure all entry / Puja tickets required for temples are available on the upfront payment basis. Please make sure entry tickets / Puja booking tickets for which payment has been made are mentioned in the booking voucher.