Annamayya – Nadaneerajana Seva

Annamacharya - Tirumala Tirupati Yatra

Tallapaka Annamacharya

had composed 32,000 devotional songs on Lord Venkateswara. Even today, the songs are being sung and played all over the world. The exotic Rasas makes the song live for all seasons.

Every celebration at Tirumala is not complete without the songs from Annamacharya. The greatness of Annamayya songs is that Lord Venkateswara along with Sri Alarmelmanga enjoys the bhakti that is present in the song.

To enjoy and get the real bliss, one has to first visit Tiruchanur Goddess Alarmelmanga, then at Tirumala Adi Varahaswami and finally to Lord Venkateswara. The Darshan gives eternal happiness, but to enjoy the nectar more, one has to attend all the Sevas at Tirumala and also the Brahmotsavam.

It can be observed that all the Sevas have related songs sung by Annamacharya. The journey now starts from the foothills of Tirumala to enjoy the nectar of Annamayya songs along with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Vedu kondama Venkatagiri Venkateswaruni….

“Come to the Venkatagiri hills to pray Lord Venkateswara who fulfils our wishes. He eradicates all our sins.

Ippuditu kala ganti nella lokamulaku – appadagu tiru Venakatadreesu ganti….

The poet expresses the ecstasy of his dream that he saw the great grand peaks of Seshadri hills, the Lord Venkateswara decorated with a high diamond-studded crown with his four hands holding Conch & Disc for protection.

Adivo alladivo shree Harivaasamu – padivelu Seshula padagalamayamu….

In this song, Annamayya praises the abode of Sri Hari which looks like the spectacle of ten thousand hoods of an Adi Sesha serpent. This abode is not the only favourite for humans but also for the Devas. He praises that this place is for salvation and holiest of holy as it is the repository of wealth which is the grace of Lord Venkateswara.

The first Seva of Lord Venkateswara is Suprabatham. The world-famous hymn from Ramayana where Sage Vishwamitra tries to wake up Lord Rama and Lakshmana…

‘Kausalya Supraja Rama Poorva Sandhya Pravarthathe’.

Poet Annamayya assumes himself as mother or guru Vishwamitra and started waking up the Lord with the below song –

Vinnapalu vina vale vinth vinthalu – pannagapu doma tera paiketha velayya….

He pleads Lord to wake up and shower grace with his beautiful eyes. He indicates that sun has risen and all devas are awaiting for his Darshan.

The morning first Darshan is called ‘Vishwaroopa Darshan’, so the below song reveals that everything in this hill is holy by having the Darshan of Lord and will be eternally blessed

Visvaroopamidivo Vishnuroopamidivo – Sasvatulamaitimimka jayamu najanmamu….

Abhishekam or Thirumanjanam (Holy bath) is a great Seva which reveals the beauty of the Lord’s Divine body. This Seva is performed to Swami on Friday’s especially to the Goddess Mahalakshmi who always resides On Lord’s bosom.

He addresses the Goddess with the beautiful song

Ksheerabdi Kanyakaku Sree MahaLakshmi kini – Neerajalayakunu Neerajanam Neerajanam….

The beauty of Goddess Mahalakshmi Alarmelmanga who is the daughter of Milky Ocean, whose eyes is lotus petal shaped, her hair is like waves of the ocean.

  • She is adorned with expensive gems and jewels and blesses the devotees with her soft lotus like a hand.
  • She blesses the devotees with her sweet pleasant voice.
  • She is very beautiful who is the Queen of Lord Venkateswara to whom we perform this holy bath.

Kanti Sukravaramu gadiyaledinta – anti alamelumanga andanunde Swamini….